Consulting Services

Our vision is to move the project management practice forward by making the expertise and experience of expert project management professionals available to any organization including those organizations that would not normally be able to engage these resources. In other words, deliver expert project management services virtually on a very cost-effective basis.

This is partially achieved by the service provided (for free!) at the Predict Project Outcome tab.
Using the Predict Project Outcome our users can leverage the collective experience of hundreds of project management professionals.

By entering the characteristics of a planned project the user can observe the probable outcome and use the results of the service to modify the planned project thus increasing the probability of success.

We also have senior project management consultants available to perform reviews of specific project artefacts on a fixed price basis.

For example, our consultants are available to:

- Review project charters
- Review risk assessments
- Review issues logs
- Review schedules
- Review governance models
- Review project status
- Review your project management process
- Review procurement artefacts (e.g.: RFP,s RFQs, SOWs, etc)

Our approach recognizes that your internal project stakeholders are the most qualified people to define your project goals and objectives and the risks specific to your environment. Our project management professionals can help you transform your raw material into a foundation for project success.

Please contact us to inquire about rates.

The following senior project management professionals are available to work with you to help you achieve your organization's project goals.

Al Taylor, PMP

Jeff Faris, Senior PM

Claudia Martin, Senior Business Analyst - Life Insurance, Ingenium Specialist

Email us and let us know how we can help (