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Al Taylor is an experienced IT professional with over 30 years of applications development experience.
He was worked on many successful projects for a variety of companies and in a variety of computing environments.

He has worked for the following companies:

- Lafarge Canada
- Rogers Cablesystems
- Thorne Riddell EDP
- Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
- Beaver Lumber
- Ontario Ministry of Education (School Board Services Unit)
- York Region Board of Education
- Manulife Financial
- Manulife Japan
- Equitable Insurance
- Ontario Dairy Herd Unit (Promark)
- AGRICORP (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture)
- Sun Life Financial
- XSOLCORP (Insurance / Ingenium Specialists)

Al has a keen interest in the IT profession and the project management function in particular. He has shared his opinions via the following writings:

- Project Sustainability Thru Metrics, Apr 2019 Available Here

- Sustain A Positive Environment Thru Acute Task Management, Apr 2019 Available Here

- The Talent Triangle - Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad, Mar 2019 Available Here

- Macro vs. Micro Innovations, Feb 2019 Available Here

- Dealing With Disruptive Apples, Oct 2018 Available Here

- Transforming Your Team Into Leaders, Jul 2018 Available Here

- A Celebration of Code and Coders, Dec 2017 Available Here

- Your Relationship With The PMO, Jan 2017 Available Here

- Transforming The Risk Register Into Enterprise Value, Aug 2016 Available Here

- Measuring Collaboration, Apr 2016 Available Here

- The Abstraction Equilibrium, Nov 2015 Available Here

- The Return of the IT Generalist, Sep 2015 Available Here

- Innovation vs. Project Management Frameworks - The Battle For Project Supremacy, July 2015 Available Here

- Lessons Learned LOUD, Mar 2015 Available Here

- The Repeatable Test Cycle Resource, Feb 2015 Available Here

- How High Should the PM Fly? (Don't Screw Up The Landing), Oct 2014 Available Here

- Contingency Reserves For The Knowns, Feb 2013 Available Here

- Productivity Through People, July 1987 Canadian Datasystems
- Managing MIS Knowledge, November 1987 Canadian Datasystems
- The Maintenance Myth, March 1988 Canadian Datasystems
- The MIS Entrepreneurs, July 1988 Canadian Datasystems
- How To Keep Projects On The Go, November 1988 Canadian Datasystems
- Managing Project Scope, January 18/90 Computing Canada
- The Software Librarians, July 91 P.J. Ward's "NOW" magazine
- Software Engineering For The Masses, October 28/92 Computing Canada
- Take Us To Your Leader, January 93 P.J. Ward's "NOW" magazine
- Paradigm Shifts...The Best Is Yet To Come, June 94 P.J. Ward's "NOW" magazine
- The Project Champions, November 2000 Computing Canada
- How To Manage Project Communications, September 2001 CIO Canada
- Eliminate Non-Value Added Tasks, September 2004 Procom Newsletter
- Avoid Dot-Cross Syndrome, December 2004 Procom Newsletter
- Be Acute (IT Project Task Management, June 2005 Procom Newsletter
- Leverage: A Vision For IT Growth, September 2005 Procom Newsletter
- How Do We Test It?, April 2008 Procom Newsletter
- A Balanced Project Governance Model, Summer 2008 Procom Newsletter, CIO Canada
- Iterative Value Added Approach to Software Development, Fall 2008 Procom Newsletter
- Better Or Worse (Decision Making Model), Winter 2009 Procom Newsletter
- The Abstraction Equilibrium, Fall 2009 Procom Newsletter
- The 4 Rs of Project Planning, Winter 2010 Procom Newsletter
- The Offshore Contingency Factor - Fall 2010 Procom Newsletter

Publications on the topic of IT project metrics:
- A Picture Saves A Thousand Projects, November 9/98 Computing Canada
- Success & Failure in IT Projects, March 2004 CIO Canada

Useful Links:
- Free Project Management and PMP Certification Knowledge Base (www.freepmstudy.com)

Other Activities:
- Tri-City Outlaws Senior Football Team
- Community Services Connections (Grocery Shopping With Seniors)