Improve The Probability of IT Project Success!

Our objective is to help you achieve your project goals.

Information that you can use to improve the probability of project success is available (for free!) at the Predict Project Outcome tab.

We need your help to achieve our goal; by entering the results of your completed projects into our database you help us grow the body of knowledge that is used to help you and other project management professionals and organizations all over the world.

Why should we rate our projects?

Consider the words of Peter Drucker, one of history's most trusted management consultants, who said "What is Measured is Managed!".

Adding Your Project To The Database

If is critical that you rate your project in two ways: with both a Successful or Unsuccessful indicator and with a rating of 1 thru 10. We strongly recommend that you engage your business clients and get their input on the project ratings. Your information is kept in confidence so you should have no concerns about adding projects that were not successful.

Be advised that we expect the project information (especially the free-format comments) entered to be appropriate, responsible, and professional. We reserve the right to remove any information that we deem inappropriate or offensive in any way.

If you are interested in custom reports, charts, and/or project outcome predictions based on just your own projects, then just provide the same Contact Information with every project.

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This graph encapsulates our vision and hopes for you and your clients.